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We hold your items

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We hold your items

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We hold your items

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Bring in an item, we give you cash!Pay us back (plus interest) and get your item back! If you can't pay back the loan in 4 months, that's ok! There are no credit consequences. You can pay just the interest and get another 4 months to pay us back, or we can keep your item and call it even. 


We will buy items from you too! If you have anything of value, bring it on in and we will have our highly trained staff appraise it for you. Once we determine a value, you can sell it to us on the spot and walk out with cash in hand. SHOULD YOU PAWN OR SELL?Consider this...When you pawn an item, you can get it back after you pay back the loan, plus interest.When you sell an item, you get a slightly higher amount of cash but you cannot get the item back.


We pride ourselves in our large selection of high-quality jewelry, electronics, instruments, designer goods and more.Our on-site jeweler has more than 40 years of industry experience and inspects, cleans and repairs every piece in our showroom. We guarantee our goods are exactly as described--we do our own tests to assure you are getting MORE than what you pay for.

Our inventory online and in our two showrooms in Perris and Hemet change daily. We are constantly cleaning, testing and pricing our latest goods. We have high-end jewelry, designer purses and clothing, watches, guitars, tools, iPhones, iPads, computers, tv's, game systems, games, vintage items and more. 

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